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My name is Zane Gelphman.  I'm a former professional baseball player, an author and current headcase.

My entire career, I struggled with getting in my own way.  Regardless of who I was playing for, I was known for the same thing: I was a massive over-thinker.  I was a headcase.

For the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to get out of my head.  No matter what I did, I seemed to always find myself in the same hole over and over again.  Until gradually, I learned to embrace it...

Instead of trying to change what was in my head, I used it to my advantage.  I realized that the very thing that was bringing me down could also become my advantage.  I had always had the information.  I just needed to organize it.

As a sophomore in high school, I was cut by the team.  I simply wasn't good enough.  I had to play catch up for the rest of my career and ended up working my way into a successful career, driving in over 150 runs in college ball and hitting more than 50 homeruns between college and professional baseball.  I was never the strongest, fastest, or the most athletic on the field.  I had to think my way to success.

My journey inspired me to publish my first book, "Headcase: The Mental Guide Through Baseball," a sports mentality book that features a combination of sports psychology and personal experience to map out a comprehensive guide through the mental side of competition. "Headcase" is available on Amazon for all ages!

I created Headcase as a representation of myself in hopes that the articles and information displayed would resonate with others searching for the same answers I used to search for.  Headcase Baseball works to encourage the cerebral player - the one who can play mind games within the game and win an at bat all from between the ears.

Maybe you're that person who uses their mindset to their advantage.  Maybe you're the person who hasn't yet figured out how to control their thoughts.  Regardless of who you are, there is a place for you in the Headcase community.




Zane Gelphman

Founder & Owner

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